Q.  WTF???

A.  Read "The Lowdown."  All will be revealed.

Q.  No really, WTF???

A.  I'm taking over the underground meat world.  

Q.  How are the orders processed?

A.  All orders received M-Th will be cut and shipped within 48hrs.  All orders will ship blast frozen in an ultra low temp, forced air, tunnel freezer.  THIS THING IS BEYOND LEGIT.  Your meat will suffer ZERO degradation in quality and it ensures that it will arrive at your door nice and cool.  If you need a custom fresh order, drop a line at info@johnnyprimemeats.com and we can sort it out.

Q.  How do you ship?

A.  All orders over $100 ship FREE 2nd Day.  All orders $99.99 and below ship for a flat $20, also 2nd Day.  We ship in heavy duty reusable styro coolers and ice packs that are good for 72hrs.  Whole custom short loins will be shipped FREE FedEx Overnight Priority.


Any other questions, just drop a line at info@johnnyprimemeats.com